This my first game ever made, from scratch, so I hope you like it.

It was made with the GDevelop 5 engine completely, using some random parts from ..everything is hard-coded, so I hope you like it..


You play as a knight, Ser Lance, the monster slayer extraordinaire..

As you prepare for the battle, you can buy items in the store and then, when you are prepared, you  start the timer by pressing "Enter".

Then you have 60 seconds to complete your mission, and save the people from the dreadful monsters that pose a treat..

If you complete the quest, and kill all monster, you WIN!!

If the time runs out, you are out of luck, but you can always restart and try again..

Please note that this is intended to be played with a keyboard, but I plan to include mobile support in the future.

Credits and artwork used:

16x16 DungeonTileset II

Free Tiny Hero Sprites Pixel Art

and more..cant really remember where I got all, so If you know, please let me know,

so I can include.

Thank you all, keep safe and Enjooooy!!!

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